Small baby in knitted clothes

9 Popular Knitting Channels on Youtube

  1. VeryPink Knits: Staci Perry provides easy-to-follow knitting tutorials and techniques, covering a wide range of topics for all skill levels.
  2. KnitFreedom: Liat Gat offers high-quality video knitting lessons, focusing on improving knitting skills, and learning advanced techniques
  3. Sheep & Stitch: Davina Choy shares knitting tutorials, patterns, and tips for beginners and intermediate knitters.
  4. Amy Finlay’s channel features a library of instructional knitting videos, covering basic techniques, stitch patterns, and more.
  5. Purl Soho: The popular yarn and fabric store, Purl Soho, shares knitting tutorials and patterns inspired by their unique, modern designs.
  6. NobleKnits: This channel offers knitting tips, techniques, and patterns for beginners and experienced knitters alike.
  7. ExpressionFiberArts: Chandi, the owner of Expression Fiber Arts, shares knitting tutorials, as well as crochet, spinning, and dyeing techniques.
  8. Roxanne Richardson: As a certified master hand knitter, Roxanne Richardson shares weekly knitting technique videos and hosts live Q&A sessions.
  9. The Knitting Expat: Mina Philipp’s channel includes knitting tutorials, pattern recommendations, and personal vlogs about her knitting journey.

These channels provide a wealth of resources and inspiration for knitters of all skill levels. Be sure to check for updates and new channels, as the online knitting community continues to grow and evolve.